My name is Jakub

¡Hi! I'm Jakub, for more than 12 years I have been dedicated to the world of Search Engine Optimization on Google (SEO). My strengths are online visibility, organic traffic, content optimization, link building, and web analytics.

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My Skills


SEO runs through my veins. It is the backbone of everything I do on the internet.

My Tools

I work with Ahrefs, Search Console, Google Analytics and many, many spreadsheets.


I love having side projects of my own. See below to learn more about them.


I have worked in the main Spanish-speaking technology media.

Link building

I enjoy sending and managing outreach campaigns of hundreds of mails. That's how weird I am.

Web Analytics

I love to measure, test and re-measure to see results.

I am the author of The SEO Newsletter

In January 2019 I created The SEO Newsletter, a biweekly newsletter that is already followed by more than 800 industry professionals to stay up to date on everything related to organic positioning on Google.